Universal Campus provides a downloadable infrastructure for organizing and deploying collaborative meetings, such as classes, research group meetings, and conferences in a virtual 3D world. The Universal Campus infrastructure consists of the virtual world and the avatars.

The Universal Campus OAR has been designed for a 2x2 MEGAREGION. It does not work well with regular regions.
OpenSimulator 0.7.3+ version (03/02/2012)

example configuration : OpenSim.ini

OpenSimulator 0.7.2- version (11/18/2011)
(no longer being updated)
example configuration : OpenSim.ini

Map Layout

Universal Campus is scalable to accommodate any type of collaborative meeting. It consists of several buildings on a single island, however the virtual world can be freely modified by users.

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Presentation Rooms
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Conference Room
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Lecture Hall

OSavatars by Ina Centaur

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The OSavatars are included in the Universal Campus archive and this seperate Inventory Archive download is not required but is available on its own as well.
Website : http://osavatars.org


Powered by OpenSimulator
Developed in collaboration with the Center for Computer Games & Virtual Worlds
Supported by the National Library of Medicine - National Institutes of Health
Default world development by Michael Emory Cerquoni (a.k.a. Nebadon Izumi) at Oni Kenkon
Preset avatar development by Ina Centaur at OS Avatars

Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported (CC BY-SA 3.0)